Our mission is to advance the physical systems and spaces in a business that are imperative to business continuity. Red Dot Analytics applies an advanced AI to efficiently manage and automate these physical entities.

who we are

Who we are

Red Dot Analytics a spin-off from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), focusing on developing and deploying Industry AI Solutions. Our founding team is headed by Professor Wen Yonggang, Associate Dean of Research at the College of Engineering at NTU and IEEE Fellow. Our team consists of researchers at NTU and industry professionals.

What we do

We develop cutting edge Industry AI solutions for energy management and efficiency. We provide a dedicated software service platform with our AIoT technologies to manage the physical processes and increase business continuity in an enterprise.

how we do it

How we do it

DCWiz is our Industry AI platform that embraces our latest research in AIoT to enable and empower digitalization, optimization, and automation for data centers. It has a dual-cycle control loop and a digital twin to resolve concerns in risk-management, lack of data, and complexity in systems beyond human comprehension in physical systems.


Pioneering in the Asia-Pacific Region.

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A pioneering AI platform that uses RDA’s core Industry AI engine to enable increased uptime and energy efficiency in data centers. Our process includes both the physical world and the cyber world in conjunction with human experts in order to provide the best and most trustworthy actions for data center management.