Company Profile


Red Dot Analytics is a technology company specialized in Artificial Intelligence (e.g., Machine-Learning), and we are committed to take on the toughest energy optimization challenge the world is facing.

  • Our Vision is to pursue a greener future for the mankind.
  • Our Mission is to reduce carbon-footprint and enable energy efficiency by using Machine Learning Techniques.
  • Our Objective is to help data center operators to trim down their utility bill without compromising the performance, in Singapore and the rest of world.

The disappointing efficiency performance is due the following reasons.

  • Split incentive between IT department and facilities department
  • Risk averseness: system reliability is the single only important factor, the rest could be compromised
  • Lacking cross-expertise: energy optimization requires knowledge in ICT, heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) and air flow management, etc.

Our holistic data-centric artificial intelligence solution is developed to reduce the carbon footprint and increase the energy efficiency by learning the complex data center dynamics via both simulation and sensor data. Our solution is able to achieve a PUE of 1.36, compared with Singapore average of 2.1, with up to 40% reduction in electricity bills.