Optimizing Data Center Management


A pioneering AI platform that uses RDA’s core Industry AI engine to enable increased uptime and energy efficiency in data centers. Our process includes both the physical world and the cyber world in conjunction with human experts in order to provide the best and most trustworthy actions for data center management.

Dual Cycle Loop

The two loops (cyber and physical) are made up of four main components.

dcwiz how it works

AI Trainer

Our core technology that uses a neural network to train our learning algorithms with cost-sensitive automatic machine learning. This algorithm holds the record for ImageNet training at just 90 seconds!

Digital Twin

A cyber simulation of your physical data center which is calibrated with physical sensor data, our AI trainer, and machine learning.


Our machine learning-based platform that optimizes the automation of data center management.


Your personal platform that visualizes the physical space and calculates risk-return.